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Apartment  and Commercial Rentals

Reverse Mortgage Counseling

Reverse mortgage counseling assists seniors who want to convert the equity in their homes into income.  Unlike many other counseling services, the HECM program requires that a homeowner must receive one-on-one counseling and a counseling certificate prior to obtaining a HECM.  One-on-one counseling can be completed face-to-face or via the telephone.
Affordable  rentals  offer low income housing to those who qualify.  Market rate units are also available with many different features such as detached garages, off street parking. washer/dryer hook ups, just to name a few.  Several of our buildings have first floor commericial spaces which have wonderful restaurants and small businesses. Contact our office for more details.

Pre Purchase Counseling

Mortgage Delinquency and Foreclosure Prevention

Pre-purchase counseling includes but is not limited to:

  • Advice regarding readiness and preparation for  homeownership
  • Information about Federal Housing Administration insured financing, housing selection and mobility, search assistance, fair housing and predatory  lending.
  • Analysis of budgeting, credit, and money management
  • Information about loan products and feature comparison
  • Determining purchase procedures and estimating closing cost

Pre-purchase information is provided by many entities in the community, but HUD-approved HCAs are typically considered unbiased providers. Other entities providing this education have a vested interest in the homebuyers choice of mortgage products and home selection. There are many options when looking for pre-purchase counseling services.

Foreclosure Counseling

Foreclosure prevention counseling provides guidance and solutions to homeowners experiencing difficulty paying their mortgage payments.
Foreclosure prevention counseling is essential to a homeowner facing foreclosure as it helps them navigate through the process and provides information on the options available for their particular circumstances. Type of counseling typically addresses the consequences of default and foreclosure, budgeting, credit counseling and obtaining loan modifications, and establishing reinstatement plans or transitioning options.